Faith as a Child

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Jesus admonishes his beloved children the have a child-like faith and trust in our heavenly Father, and the example of an 11-year-old shows us how!

Still, Small Voice

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God speaks to us in the still, small voice, the tiny whisper in our hearts. Are you willing to listen?

Does God really speak to ME?

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Does our Lord speak to me, personally? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

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I was hauling about three tons of scrap steal and had a blow-out on one of the trailer tires. I was on hwy 40 in Chesterfield. I found out that the tire was not a common one. I had no jack and no cash on me. Sounds pretty bad right? Well check this out. I was blessed to have a motorist see the flat and tell me. I was able to limp the truck and trailer off the highway. After several inquiries with no luck finding a tire, I drove just one more mile and found a tire shop that had the tire I needed! And to top it off, my friend decided to follow me home (which he never does) and he paid for the tire. See, it is all about the perspective! Nobody got hurt and there were blessings all around.

– Shared by my friend Donald Matzker


Photo credit: wildpianist | Chris Tarnawski (CreativeCommons)

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

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How often do we spend more time talking to the Lord than listening for His voice?

Why Are Resolutions So Popular for New Years?

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New years resolutions are important because they remind us of the reality and finality of death.

Daily Morning Prayer of Consecration – Redux

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My morning prayer of consecration to the Lord.

Manny Pacquiao Fundraiser Video

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Last weekend (February 12, 2011), was the boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. My good friends Abe and Jing Adriano hosted the third iteration a fundraising event around this match, and called it “Fight for a Cause III”. The proceeds from this event went to three different Charities: Shalom Birthing House (Philippines) Toys for God’s Kids Arise Ministries To help promote this event, Abe asked me to put together a video as a way of thanking the people who gave to help the charities. I spent all last week putting this video together, and here is the end result: Fight for a Cause III (on YouTube) I was really surprised at how well this turned out, especially this was my first ever attempt at producing a video. I had a blast learning iMovie and putting all the various pieces together. And the audience seemed to enjoy it as well. (Matthew 25:37–40...

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